FINISHINGS - Btc International S.r.l.

About the quality of our products

Each product is constantly checked by the specialized technicians working in the factory, who have to be sure that each single piece of furniture is of the highest quality ensuring thus its long life and relibility.

The development of a factory

The long experience has helped the factory in the development of a production system extremely dynamic. From one department to the other up-to-date technologies are employed.

BTC collection

From the noblest artisanal italian tradition, an extremely warm and comfortable line. B.T.C. offers a very big range of lacquered finishings, enriched by the application of patina. This is a very old process which by means of hand brushing gives a silky effect to the wooden parts.

A forge of ideas.

The strength of B.T.C. is based on a strong and deep-rooted philosophy which has become a real and proper creed. It’s of the utmost importance for a company to combine the profound values of aesthetics, free from ephemeral styles, with the quality of the wood employed and the technological innovation.